Company Overview

New Day Aluminum Logo

New Day Aluminum Holdings is the parent company of Noranda Alumina, Noranda Bauxite and NICHE Industrial Chemicals.

Noranda Alumina, located on the Mississippi River in Gramercy, Louisiana, produces smelter grade alumina for the production of aluminum as well as chemical grade aluminas which are used in a wide array of industrial applications.

Noranda Bauxite, located on the North Coast of Jamaica in Discovery Bay, St. Ann, mines, refines and ships bauxite for metallurgical and non-metallurgical applications globally through its joint venture operations with the Government of Jamaica.

NICHE Industrial Chemicals, the specialty products and chemicals division of New Day Aluminum consists of the following businesses:

  • NICHE Chemical Products is a provider of chemical grade aluminas (CGA) manufactured in Gramercy, Louisiana for a wide variety of industrial applications including flame retardants, catalysts, water treatment and building materials;
  • NICHE Fused Alumina, located in La Bathie, France, in the Savoie region of the French Alps, produces white fused alumina and other fused, treated and other specialty minerals for a wide variety of industrial applications including technical ceramics, abrasives, flooring and specialty refractories;
  • NICHE Fused Magnesia, located in Hull of Kingston, England, produces fused and specialty magnesia products used in the electrical, friction, technical ceramic, automotive and refractory industries.

New Day is principally owned by the partners of DADA Holdings. DADA is an investment and management company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that makes control investments and manages companies in basic industries, such as metals and mining.