Report A Business Concern

Report a Business Concern

We want to hear from you if something does not seem right or if you have questions about doing the right thing. There are many ways to speak up.

Your Supervisor – Your supervisor is usually the best place to start. Depending on the concern, however, you may feel more comfortable talking to someone else. You can also talk to the local Human Resources department, the site VP/General Manager or the Corporate Human Resources Department.

The New Day Ethicspoint Line by web or phone is also available. This confidential reporting mechanism is hosted by an independent reporting service. It’s available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, from any location worldwide and is multi-lingual. You may choose to remain anonymous and that will be protected to the maximum extent possible, subject to applicable law, regulation or legal proceedings. To submit a report go to

France Call

France(France Telecom) 0-800-99-0011

France(Paris Only) 0-800-99-0111

France 0-800-99-1011

France 0-800-99-1111

France 0-800-99-1211

France(Telecom Development) 0805-701-288

Jamaica Call

Jamaica 1-800-872-2881

At the English prompt dial (844) 620-5864.

United Kingdom Call

Reporting by phone is not currently available for the location you have selected. Please use the online reporting option to submit your concern.

U.S. Call

1-(844) 620-5864